Pottering in Pals


Pals is a gorgeous walled village somewhere quite near to where we're staying. I couldn't tell you exactly where for reasons I've previously mentioned - dodgy wifi, lack of directional awareness, long-suffering father - as well as the fact I dozed off on the car journey there. Regardless - Pals is GORGEOUS.

Once I'd been coaxed out of the car we had a good hour to wander round its narrow cobbled streets. It's the sort of place I immediately want to Wikipedia; the thwarted historian in me growing increasingly frustrated with each unexplained bullet hole and Spanish-only info board.

Dinner tonight came courtesy of El Pedró, a well-established restaurant at the heart of Pals. My oven-baked cod on a bed of roasted vegetables was greedily followed by the best Crema Catalana I've ever eaten; all as the sky above us slowly turned from dusk to night.


The open courtyard also meant I could continually spray insect repellent without fear of suffocation. Perfect evening.