7 Impossibly Stupid 'Life' 'Hacks' You Can't Believe Anyone Would Ever Even Think of Thinking of, Let Alone Actually Post On the Internet

Extra storage is undoubtably very important. God knows we all own far too many shirts and... cardboard fruit crates (?). But I'd seriously question whether nailing all your chairs to the wall amounts to any less effort than just buying a goddamn wardrobe.

"Hi, The School? I'm afraid my daughter won't be coming in today. I'm having a bit of bother getting her scalp out the Dyson."

You know what looks really great in your living room, BuzzFeed readers? Even better than those chairs that keep falling off the walls? A sticky, shredded, three-year-old Diet Coke can, quietly rusting all over your wireless router and attracting ants, that's what.

See also: unblocking toilet with iPad. Scraping mould from between bathroom tiles with wedding ring. Prying open can of beans with credit card. Burning all money.

Take your hoodie, fill with popcorn. Just two easy steps to render it unwearable and you undatable, FOREVER.

"Hi, The School? I'm afraid my son won't be coming in today. He got plyboard through his tongue again. Tell me about it."

Gluing your pre-pubescent offspring to cars? Why does BuzzFeed hate children?