Things of the Week

This week I mostly... cried as temperatures increased beyond my Scot-in-London endurance threshold (20C). Cue a week of fruitless spritzing, listless fanning, and after reluctantly dispensing with my sweat-stained duvet, the inevitable campaign of overnight horror waged against my legs and upper torso by motherfucking bloodsucking INSECTS. I don't care what the rest of you think, summer brings nothing but misery. Roll on November and some goddamn frost. Workmates of the week My team, for overlooking the frequent outbursts of heat-rage and treating me to a birthday picnic, replete with glitzy owl card and bottle of mood-shifting intoxicant. Three glasses in and I was able to muster a brief, flickering smile. 

Song I was Briefly Obsessed With of the Week Monday: What is Rita Ora. Wednesday: RITA ORA! LOOK! I'M DANCING! TO WORK! OH GOD I'M SO HOT! Friday: I am over Rita Ora.

sad scottieNational Embarrassment of the Week Everyone involved in the Glasgow 2014 opening ceremony. Yes, even YOU, Scottie Dog #14. In case you missed the full evening of cringeworthy tartan fuckerythis just about sums it up

Book I’ve not Been Giving the Attention It Deserves of the Week Elizabeth is Missing. I’m sorry Emma Healy. From the first couple of pages it seems like you’re a pretty good writer and all, but this isn't the temperature for words. oquwfiubewfiubweif.

Thing of the Week GIN. Dear, sweet, soothing gin. Though my bites may itch and the sun might burn, I can always rely on you to get me through July.