Tuesday Tune: Bloc Party - 'So Here We Are'

This week's tune on Tuesday comes courtesy of my iPod's often-disarming shuffle function. There I was, scraping parmesan off the hob, firmly rooted in the plodding EDM reality of 2014, when all of a sudden: noughties indie! Bloc Party, to be precise! And their first proper single! From way back in - oh god - January 2005. Want to hear something scary? When this originally came out I still liked ATHLETE.

It might not feel like the most August of tracks, but then we're all just probably thinking of the album art. What's more striking than So Here We Are's mildly frosty quality is how good it still sounds, unlike much guitar-driven music of the time. It's simple, melancholic and soaring in all the right places - unlike, say, anything by ATHLETE.

I don't think Bloc Party ever topped it, you know. Over the years they certainly got bigger and bolder, eventually culminating in the full-on rave-up Flux, but the band had their jerky guitars, lurching rhythm and twinkly chimes nailed from the very beginning. Even the lyrics, as sparse and often undiscernable as they are, hit home in a way later, more overblown singles (cough cough I Still Remember) couldn't quite match - at least for this mopey teenager.

I FIGURED IT OUT. Still beautiful, ten years on.