Tuesday Tune: Florrie - 'Left Too Late (Florrie Edit)'

At the risk of giving the (accurate) impression I don’t listen to anything other than Florrie, this week’s tune comes, yet again, courtesy of Florrie. Yay Florrie!

Last time I wrote about her on here I was banging on about Little White Lies, which somehow only officially came out a week or so ago. I of course managed to play it into the ground by mid-July, but luckily the finished m4a came accompanied with an expansive iTunes EP bundle, with more than enough to keep myself and other such Florrie obsessives happy - this very familiar remix in particular:

Left Too Late is the reason I fell in love with the then Xenomania house drummer in the first place. It was the closing track of her 2010 debut EP – a devastating four minutes of intense, synthy melancholy about the boys boys with their toys toys I mimed in the shower for seven months straight.

As perfect as it already was, this minor reworking turns everything up to 11 and introduces some additional spine-tingling harmonic flourishes towards the end. Turns out more is more, at least as far as Florrie is concerned, and the adjusted key (or pitch, or whatever) better suits her evolving vocal style. I sort of wish she'd released this as the single instead of Little White Lies.

The only thing more thrilling than hearing this song for the first time again is the idea that a full album might finally be on its way. [insert awful gag about Not Leaving Things Too Late Now, Eh Florrie???!?!?! here]