Tuesday Tune: Tulisa - 'Young'

Look, I'm as surprised as you are. Loathe as I am to say nice things about someone at least 33% responsible for N-Dubz, you know how the old saying goes - an enemy of the Sun is someone I'll defend to the ends of the earth on account of how fucking evil the Sun is. However heinous the musical output of Dappy and co, Tulisa didn't deserve to have her career trashed by that most dodgy of News International's grimy employees - not even when you consider her complicity in James Arthur, The Launch of. Already tentatively approaching full-on feminist icon status after that sex-tape response, to take on the Fake Sheikh in court and come up on top pretty much confirms Tulisa as a hero of our time; BBC3 reality show, Simon Cowell-slating PA, unnecessary lip filler and all.

Fingers crossed this sorry, sordid saga gives the former X Factor judge a chance to relaunch her currently defunct music career. Things might have gone rapidly south almost immediately afterwards, but Young was the perfect debut for the then 23 year old - nihilistic, melodic, euphoric. Given the ensuing sextape and tabloid bullshit it's entirely understandable that subsequent Tulisa releases lacked such endearingly carefree abandon, but it makes you wonder how differently things might have turned out for her if other people were less bloody awful.

Come back with another Young, Tulisa. You've still got the tattoo - Female Boss the living daylights out of us. Release hit after hit after hit after hit until the X Factor begs you back and I forget I ever even felt sorry for you. Make me hate you again, Tulisa. I know you've got it in you.

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