Vauxhall Street Food Garden

Now is this or is this not a sandwich.

To confirm: it’s a sandwich. Two slices of toasted sourdough, liberally stuffed with half a tonne of pastrami, several spades of mustard and five pickles. It came in a fetching cardboard box, not that this stopped me from getting mustard all over my hands, face and lap. It was completely amazing from start to finish.

My pastrami mountain was constructed by an authentically NY stall at the Vauxhall Street Food Garden, newly opened next to the bus slash train slash tube station. If you’re struggling to picture where they managed to squeeze a sprawling food market at one of the most nightmarish road junctions in London, cast your mind back to the last time you drunkenly stole a friend’s cigarette before tripping over a bouncer at that scary club you can't quite remember - it's there (though the smoking area looks very different by day).

The Street Food Garden's a long overdue and highly welcome addition to the Vauxhall lunch scene. As much as I love working in an abandoned garage in south London, for years our options for midday refreshments have been severely limited - behold my sorry lunchtime map:

Easy, daily access to brownies, pizzas and buffalo burgers isn't exactly the best news for my waistline, but hey, pastrami can't be any worse for me than scotch eggs and dodgy flapjacks, right?

Next time you're in the area you should definitely stop by. Don't worry if you can't imagine venturing to Vauxhall sober - they're doing 2 for 1 mojitos at the moment too.