Bagel o'clock

chicken and avocado New York bagel, subsequent dishwashing not pictured As we enter the third month of what feels like the longest move in the history of fucking-hell-why-did-my-landlord-decide-to-move-back-to-the-UK-and-take-back-what-was-his-I-really-loved-that-flat flat moves, the relentless tide of boxes and brown tape and moody take-aways finally looks to be receding, leaving in its cluttered wake something sort of resembling normality.

For us - insufferable Kennington 20something homosexuals that we are - this means, primarily, NEW YORK-STYLE BAGELS on Saturday mornings. Chicken, avocado, 'arugula', red onion, potato salad and newspapers that don't have mugs wrapped up in them.

Unfortunately the landlord kept his dishwasher so unless I can figure out how to make this in one pot it's likely to be toast and butter from now on.