The November Playlist

November Playlist This month: Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift, Taylor Swift and that Taylor Swift song with Imogen Heap on it. 

1. Taylor Swift - Blank Space Did anyone actually listen to anything else this month? If they did I don’t want to know about it – Taytay’s imperial phase is GO and all else is irrelevant to me and my interests.

2. Twilight Sad - I Could Give You All That You Don't Want Which, this month, was basically any album that isn’t 1989. Thanks for your new one anyway Twilight Sad (it’s actually very good but in hindsight you probably should have saved it for December)

3. Gwen Stefani - What You Waiting For? (Jacques Lu Cont's TWD Mix) I take back everything nice I said about Gwen last time, her latest Pharrell-infested ‘single’ is completely atrocious. Let’s look back to happier times: the definitive remix of what remains her best song to date.

4. Grace & Tony - November It's November therefore.

5. Jessie J, Ariana Grande & Nekci Menij - Bang Bang I’m a million years late to this party but in my defence it has Jessie J all over it. It seems that on occasion not even her caterwauling’s enough to completely bury a furiously banging tune.

6. Aaliyah - More Than  A Woman Couldn’t tell you exactly what inspired me to go back and revisit this but when it comes to Aaliyah do you really need a reason?

7. One Direction - Steal My Girl The same cannot be said of One Direction; a band now surely just a tour and obligatory greatest hits away from messy oblivion. Their new album sounds pretty much identical to the last one to these jaded ears, though this cut isn’t bad (Louis aside, natch).

8. Stromae feat. Lorde & friends - Meltdown Sometimes I worry I like the idea of Lorde more than the reality. I’m all for more whip-smart, opinionated women in pop, but her sparsely produced debut left me cold. Still, the newfound friendship with Taylor Swift can only mean good things and she’s fully knocked things out the park as far as the Hunger Games soundtrack goes.

9. Cheryl - Only Human And then there’s Cheryl, whose new album is by no means as painful as the two singles so far would suggest. That’s not to say it’s in any way worth listening to, but the title track is certainly head and shoulders above I Don’t Ca-a-re *duckface and fingersnaps*.

10. Dannii Minogue - Put the Needle on It Of all X Factor’s beautiful frocked lady judges and Gary Barlow, only one of them has ever released a fully tolerable solo album. That accolade belongs completely and utterly to Dannii Minogue and Neon Nights, which I was happily reminded of earlier in the month after several G&Ts and an inexplicable pang of 2002 nostalgia.

11. Jenny Lewis - The Voyager If I had to compile a list of my All Time Favourite Vocalists then Jenny Lewis would definitely be somewhere near the top. There’s something about her delivery that lifts even her most generic indie-folk rambles into something tolerable, which is a good part of why her latest quite-a-bit-more-than-tolerable solo album is still very much on rotation chez my headphones.

12. Nouvelle Vague - Dancing By Myself Did I mention I was in Paris this month?

13. Hear'Say - Lovin' is Easy To everyone who spent the best part of this month moaning about Myleene Klass and her admittedly ludicrous political posturing, let me ask you this - did you buy the ill-fated Hear’Say swansong, Lovin' is Easy? No? Then you brought this upon yourself. Myleene could be the proud owner of twelve overpriced London garages by now had things only gone a little differently. Danny Foster too. I hope you’re happy.

14. Rachel Stevens - Nothing Good About This Goodbye S Club 7 are back! Wasn’t their Children in Need performance terrible! Other than Rachel Stevens of course, who in an alternate universe would still be number one with her unexpectedly marvellous second solo record. Puts all that Primeval nonsense in perspective, eh Hannah?

No one bought your album, Jo O'Meara

15. PJ Harvey - Let England Shake If only people would listen to this album on repeat instead of dangling that god-awful flag everywhere.

16. Patrick Wolf - Bluebells (Sundark and Riverlight version) It’s November therefore. This is definitely the best song ever written about fireworks.

Firework was a horrible song, Katy Perry

17. Taylor Swift - Clean Imogen wrote a great blog post about the making of this track, which I hope she revisits the next time she heads to her studio and starts banging pots off her mbira. Her admittedly brilliant production lives and dies on the strength of the lyrics it’s draped around - this track is a million times better than anything on Sparks.