I was at a First Aid Kit gig the other night

And they were very good - probably the second best show at the Hammersmith Apollo I've ever been to. Wait, have I mentioned I saw Kate Bush there last year? Yes? Several hundred times in the last week alone? Okay. Cool. Just wanted to make sure.

Stay Gold was my favourite album of last year so as you'd expect I found the whole evening very special. The highlight came about halfway through, when the First Aiders decided to ditch both backing band and microphones for a stripped down, eerily good rendition of Ghost Town. There aren't many acts who can successfully will an entire audience into obedient silence - other than maybe Kate Bush.

Given how much I hate people who film and Instagram their way through gigs it would have been incredibly hypocritical for me to get my phone out, magical and in-need-of-capturing as the moment was. Fear not - here's an artist's impression of what such an Instagram picture would have turned out like.

It's like you're actually there, right?

Anyway here's a clip of First Aid Kit being amazing on David Letterman. They sound even better live than they do on record, which isn't something I was able to say about Kate Bush until I went to that concert of her's last year.