Last year's New Year's resolutions

NYR2014 It's the 17th of January! Two and a bit whole weeks into this already bleak and murderous New Year. What better time than today - cold, wet, sober today - to revisit the the New Year Resolutions I inflicted upon myself a mere year and seventeen days ago? What? Shut up.

2014 resolution #1: 

"An in-hall towel rail so we can stop drying things over the balcony."

Well well well. I knew setting the bar at 'things within my ability to walk into a shop and purchase for a small fee' would pay off. Cast your eye down below, and wonder at my self-improvement:

Okay, so I was only actually motivated to do so after we moved flat and lost said balcony, and sure, we ended up with more of a towel rack than rail, but shhhh - let's not hurt her feelings. She's doing such a good job of drying things.

2014 resolution #2:

"A semi-regular form of exercise other than ‘jogging back up the stairs sometimes’."

Did I join the gym? Errrrr. Did I take up swimming? Not exactly. But did we move to a different flat where instead of having 100 stairs to climb every morning I had a slightly longer walk to work? Yes, yes I did. I'm calling a pass for this one.

2014 resolution #3:

"The completion of those 40,000 words of sporadically promising waffle I have lurking in my Google Drive."

Backstory: as I cobbled together these resolutions, I was basking in - what with hindsight now seems like slightly unwarranted - glory for almost sort of finishing NaNoWriMo in November 2013. I drunkenly ambled into 2014 flushed with 70% red wine, 30% optimism that I would finally achieve what I've been occasionally threatening for most of my life - finish a fucking novel what I myself wrote. Sadly, the Google Drive wordcount tells a very different story.

That is correct. Not only did I fail to write any new words in 2014 whatsoever, but I was even spinning how many I'd managed in the first place in my own New Year's resolutions.

Reader, you might judge. But the ten minute addition to my morning commute and lopsided towel rack from Argos means it's two out of bloody three, yeaaaaah me. 2014: officially a success.