Things of the week


Most missed alcoholic beverage of the week: Wine. Red wine. Beautiful, shimmering red wine, filled right up to the brim, sipped appreciatively while watching television or cooking chilli or cackling drunkenly at 2am. Just two more weeks. Wine. Impulse purchase that has absolutely nothing to do with Carrie Bradshaw or how much Sex and the City we've been watching of the week: A desk and matching lamp so I can sit pensively in front of the study window, typing up my latest column for Vogu- I mean, blog - on my Powerb - I mean, Macbook. Ahem.

"What no I'm not crying" moment of the week: The heartwarming relationship between an assistance labradoodle and her owner on C4, which now I come to think of it might have actually been two weeks ago. I'm finding it hard to tell one dark January evening from another at the moment. Will the winter never end? Shall I ever know daylight again? Why can't I afford a private jet and secret getaway house in Barbados? No of course these aren't tears, I've just been chopping onions. Lots of cold, wintry, joy-suppressing onions.

Song I still can't get out of my head of the week:

Exciting trailer cameo of the week: LOOK! It's MERLIN! Out of MERLIN! Looking just as delicious in World War I period costume as he did in a faded brown smock!

omg it's Merlin *mutters to self, pervertedly*

I still don't know how to feel about this of the week: Stephen Fry and his engagement-turned-shotgun wedding, but unlike most Daily Mail columnists I know to keep my socially-conditioned knee-jerk judgement to myself. Most of the time. Unless Rita Ora's in any way involved.

Curious opening to broadsheet news story of the week:

"Scientists may have solved one of human evolution's most tantalising mysteries: why are women's bodies so curvy and layered in fat while men's body shape remains so linear?"

- Sunday Times, 18 Jan

This week's things of weeks was only possible thanks to the last remaining stimulant available to me: green nespresso capsules. if i drink one in less than a minute i think i can draw perspectives and everything!