Tuesday Tune: Kelly Clarkson - 'Heartbeat Song'

Kelly Clarkson - Heartbeat Song Ten years since Since U Been Gone; nine days since I was last able to listen to Underneath the Tree without feeling weird about it: Kelly Clarkson is BACK, and with the best song with 'song' in its title since Aly & AJ's seminal Potential Breakup Song.

If that sounds like I'm damning Heartbeat Song with faint praise... well, it's because I am. As exciting as a Greg Kurstin-produced pop banger usually is, I prefer my Clarkson a little rougher round the edges* - see Mr Know It All, Already Gone, My Life Would Suck Without You if only she'd snuck a 'fucked' into that 'but you're pretty messed up too' line. From the 'up-up-up-up-up' radio-chasing chorus to her flatter-than-usual delivery, there's just something strangely anaemic about this particular comeback.

Maybe I'll feel more inclined to bop along in a non-judgemental fashion come February once I've had a drink. For now, I think the strongest thing about it is probably the cover art.

*Stellar Christmas album notwithstanding