Tuesday Tune: Róisín Murphy - Let Me Know

Róisín Murphy - Let Me Know I was in the kitchen, microwaving a sad bowl of instant porridge, when it struck me. Such a disturbance in the force; a musical presence I haven't felt since... I swooped off, dramatically, tartan blanket and overflowing cereal bowl in my wake.

Surely you felt it too? The thudding of beats, a quirkily angled hat, stray accents messing with your 2007 Last.fm scrobbles? A quick google confirmed my suspicions as foresight rather than something I ate: Róisín Murphy is BACK, and with a new logo to prove it.

Exhibit A: LOGO

In the eight years - EIGHT YEARS - since her last proper record (by 'proper' I mean 'not an EP collection of Italian pop covers') we've seen a raft of quirkily attired solo females float up and down the charts. Looking back from the safe vantage point of 2015 it becomes even clearer that Overpowered blazed a trail for some of the biggest songs of the Just Dance-Born This Way era, combining Eurodisco with lobster costumes long before Stefani Germanotta thought to put a telephone on her head. I mean, I love Gaga, but in 7 years of escalating tomfoolery I'm pretty sure she's yet to step out with her own lighting scaffold strapped to her shoulders.

Exhibit B: Costume

Having happily made her exit centre-right before the trend she kickstarted even got properly going, it's probably safe to say Róisín has no intention of doing an Overpowered Mark II. That's fine. All that I ask is that, whatever the genre, her new music retains at least the spirit of 2007 single Let Me Know - a song so joyous, so freewheeling, so twitchily euphoric in its closing minute, that 8 years on it's still the music video I'd most like to recreate if I had a spare greasy spoon, production budget, and that bloody outfit.


Fluffy lobster pompoms are in your court, Murphy.