The June Playlist

Best tunes of MAY This month: things that sound good when it's sunny and I'm full of beer and on offer champagne*. 

1. Modest Mouse - Lampshades on Fire A common problem, Modest Mouse. Why, mine came close to combusting just the other night, right when I discovered Modest Mouse had a new album out and it's sunny and almost my birthday and yayayayayayayay oh shit I was lighting a candle not the haberdashery.

2. Tove Styrke - Ego One of two Scandinavian pop queens called Tove to capture my iPod's imagination this month. This is very very good and in no way related to the 2009 Saturdays hit of the same name.

3. Say Lou Lou - Glitter Girls! You did it! A debut album that wasn't completely fucked up by record company shenanigans! We'd already heard most of it but I'm pleased to say the four new tracks were V.G.

4. Brandon Flowers - I Can Change So you say Brandon, and yet you continue to date ladies in a thoroughly heterosexual fashion. I guess us LAAADS will just need to make do with admiring your fetching album art and prancing around to your second solo album, which is BOPTACULAR.

5. First Aid Kit - America I officially overplayed the last First Aid Kit album approximately 9 months ago, so I was pleased to note this new EP release. This way they can continue to soundtrack my every waking moment in a way that won't make my boyfriend kill me in my sleep.

6. The Lone Bellow - Fake Roses THAT RECURRING COUNTRY MUSIC APPRECIATION OF MINE ALERT. Don't worry, the banjos are set to minimum and there are some lovely voices on this one.

7. Marina & the Diamonds - Blue I've only just given Marina's latest LP a chance and, as per her last two, it's not bad at all. Why does it always take me several months to realise this? Sorry for not being a better fan, Marina. Blue is a particular highlight and in no way related to the 2001 Sugababes album track of the same name.

8. Metric - Cascades As long-time followers of my blog will know (HI DAD!!) Emily Haines will forever be my number 2 indie-pop crush. Metric are releasing their sixthish album later this summer and by all iTunes released evidence so far it's going to be another winner. This reminds me of Hustle Rose off their very first one.

9. Texas - Inner Smile (Truth & Soul Session) 10. Idlewild - Love Steals Us From Loneliness (Live at Duart Castle) A double whammy of re-recorded mature Celtic wondrousness. When you're as Scottish, well-aged, and generally crushed upon by me as Sharleen Spiteri and Roddy Woomble, give me a call. I would very much like to stare at you.

11. Rachel Stephens - Sweet Dreams My L.A. Ex The S Club 7 reunion tour came to a partially sold out halt earlier this month and yet there remains no word of a third Rachel Stephens solo record. Did Hannah mime her way through 12 arena dates for nothing?

12. Giorgio Moroder feat. Britney Spears - Tom's Diner The first tolerable Britney single in almost a decade? I already wrote about this one over here.

13. Sufjan Stevens - Should Have Known Better My number 1 indie-pop crush. I can only fully articulate my love for this man with a clumsily scrawled heart featuring his beautiful, bashful face:

Sufjan Stevens' head in a clumsily drawn heart

(Incidentally, I SHOULD HAVE KNOWN BETTER than to write this while drinking all of the aforementioned on-offer champagne! LOL!)

14. Little May - Boardwalks I overheard Fearne Cotton whittering on about these guys shortly before she was evicted forever from Broadcasting House, but that's not to say they're completely terrible. In fact, quite the opposite: they're partially not terrible. Or something.

15. Adam Lambert - The Original High You've probably had someone tell you how good Ghost Town is in the last month, right? Wrong. This is a classic case of 'eschew lead single for album title track" - it's much less Avicci and therefore a hundred times better. If you must go with something called Ghost Town at least make it Madonna's.

16. FKA 't'wigs - Lights On You probably had someone tell you how good FKA twigs was sometime last year, right? Right. I was wrong about this one, sorry.

17. Tove Lo - Talking Body It's the other Scandinavian pop singer entitled 'Tove' I alluded to earlier in this very post! This is such a good song for dancing to when drunk, which is good because at this point I am very. There's a really excellent glitter cannon moment in the video which I will attempt to embed below.

18. MS MR - Painted I bought their first album off the back of a particularly pleasing CHVRCHES remix and then never got round to it until just a few short weeks ago. It was very much to my liking, as is this first taste of their second album, which I expect will find its way onto my iPod sometime in 2017.

19. Hurts - Some Kind of Heaven Hurts' original mission statement of being really Manchunian and depressed appears to have been overtaken by their need to sell records, which is fine by me.

20. Geri Halliwell - Mi Chico Latino Ginger Spice got married! Yay for Ginger Spice. You just know she was humming this for the duration of her honeymoon, reception and actual wedding ceremony, wilfully ignoring the fact her new husband was actually born in Leamington Spa.

21. Florence '+' the Machine - How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful Q. What was Florence's wall of amazing sound missing up until this point? A. HORNS.

Click to stream (at least some of it) on Spotify NOW* So just about anything other than Pretty Girls by Iggy Azalea and Britney Spears' voice double.