Dream diary

dream_diary_spice_rocket In typical summer holiday fashion, myself and a strange combination of my own and my ex-flatmate’s boyfriend decided to head off on a road trip to London, 1997.

Yes. London, in 1997.

The precise means by which we traversed this unconventional route have already faded, alas, but I can still just about visualise two highlights from our visit:

  • The Spice Girls arriving to switch on the Oxford Street lights, which suggests we may have landed in 1996 by accident.
  • The near-completed London Bridge Tower – part skyscraper, part Space Shuttle launch pad – which, as my confusingly mashed up travelling companion was good enough to remind me, was famously abandoned in the early 00s when it became apparent that Space Shuttles would be unable to take off safely from such a heavily populated urban area. “Such a shame,” I mused. “It’s so much more striking than the actual London Bridge Tower. How lucky we are to get to see it now, in its former glory.”

London Bridge Tower is, of course, not a real thing. Maybe I was thinking of the Shard.

  1.    …I miss driving?