Review: All Saints - 'One Strike'

Ten years ago today, as well as being eighteen years old and therefore COMPLETELY AWFUL, chances are I was feeling at least a little bit excited about the looming prospect of an All Saints comeback.

Me, on first Chick Fit play

Me, on first Chick Fit play

Things didn’t exactly go to plan back then, for neither my first year law exams nor the group (potted version: All Saints reunite, Cheryl Cole is unimpressed, All Saints disband shortly thereafter).

But, happily, the group seem to have happened upon the magic formula for a second (third?) pop wind: Backstreet Boys Tour – Marriage to Gross Oasis Frontman = Newfound Thirst for Success + Effortlessly Classy Lead Single.

Though I’m loathe to draw such comparisons for obvious and painful reasons, One Strike isn’t a million miles off that other late 90s girlband comeback single - TRIGGER WARNING - Flatline.

It’s all slinky guitar lines and much-missed vocal chemistry, and slots comfortably alongside the likes of Pure Shores in a way those awkward faux-ska moments of Studio 1 couldn't.

Hopefully expectations are more reasonably set within All Saints HQ than they were with - TRIGGER WARNING - Mutya Keisha Siobhan, and the future of parent album Red Flag doesn’t rest on the whims of whoever’s deciding the Radio 1 playlist this week. But whatever happens with chart positions and impact dates and YouTube plays and zzzzzz, this is a proper triumph for a still very clearly brilliant pop act. 

A four-fifths of the way there Spice Girls reunion's going to look a bit shit now, isn't it?

Best Bit

Justice for Appleton! 13 years later! Natalie's middle eight is amazing.

Worst Bit

The lamentable absence of that classic 90s stencil font *quibble face*

Chances of Radio 1 Playlisting It

Worse than zero. Who even cares.



Not quite Pure Shores, but let's be honest, what is*


* Black Coffee

One Strike is out now for purchase, streaming and no doubt some other purposes I'm not aware of yet