Meryl Streep, Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and SNOW: Things of the week


This week I mostly...

...trotted out the fun-filled tale of when I got buried in my parents' house for almost TWO WHOLE WEEKS.

That's what happens when it ACTUALLY snows, LONDON. That's what REAL disruption looks like. Call me when you're knee-deep in slush and using kettles to defrost your windscreen. In the meantime quit all this "hashtag blizzard eeeeeek" NONSENSE. 

Hero of the week


Meryl Streep. Of course. Does it even need saying? In an alternate universe where Nice Things Happen and Trump is a little-known brand of toilet freshener, Queen Streep reigns supreme; bestowing wisdom upon her subjects, terrorising her ministers and winning Cecil B. DeMille awards for her Christmas speeches.

Inevitable consequence of wearing an anchor on my wrist of the week


I find myself anchored to things. Unexpectedly, disorientatingly, and damagingly - at least as far as my woollens go.

I'm two pairs down and it's only 15 January goddammit.

Outbox of the week


Never mind, Steve Bannon. You tried. I'm sure Donald can't wait to see a third of the Roxettes and some yokel off American's Got Talent high-kick/lip-sync him into the White House!!

Crush of the week


Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf in the newly Netflixed A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Yes, I know it's weird. Doubly so considering I actively dislike Neil Patrick Harris and continue to find him the one weak link in an otherwise impeccably rebooted cast.

Let's chalk this one up to the winning soundtrack and quick wit rather than bad teeth, monobrow, cruelty to children and theatre troops.

Self-care tip of the week

That dark chocolate orange you forgot you bought sometime last year.

It's in the fridge.

It's waiting for you.

It will make you giddy with palm oil and sick enough to forget you can't drink.


You're welcome.

This week I was mostly having...



With cucumber in it. Oh how I love Dry January!!