Courtney Act's wardrobe malfunction, Christmas Tree removal and LISA SCOTT-LEE: Things of the Week

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If this week was a scene out of Mean Girls...

…it would be the one where Regina George blankets the corridors in photocopied Burn Book excerpts.

Only, they were mostly about the Principal and his staff, and the Principal and his staff are a bunch of headcases, and rather than convening a Tina Fey-led assembly to talk it all out like a responsible adult, the Principal instead commandeered the school loudspeakers to prove Michael – sorry, Regina – entirely right.  


Especially on the 'lobotomised manchild' stuff.

Suspiciously newfound inability to navigate stairs in heels of the week

As a finalist in the sixth season of RuPaul's Drag Race, Courtney Act navigated the runway on approximately six hundred different occasions – each time in stiletto heels, elaborately constructed (if barely there) dresses; and once, a pair of NINE-FOOT ANGEL WINGS.

It was with some amount of curiosity, then, that I watched her curiously simple sequinned entrance ensemble on Friday night's Celebrity Big Brother, half of which somehow came loose in full view of the crowd and assembled cameras. 

What a time for your trusty sewing machine to let you down, Courtney!

Quote of the week

No 4 in the midweeks!
— Lisa Scott-Lee is totally fine with 2003’s No 6 placing debut solo single, ‘Lately’
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Graph of the week

Taking down the Christmas Tree

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This week I was mostly having...


Complimentary plane champagne

  • 1 x £30 seat upgrade
  • 1 x tolerant air hostess
  • 4 x mini bottles consumed
  • 2 x bottles pocketed for later

Because Dry January only really starts once the Christmas tree is down, am I right? ("NO" – everyone)

Want more?

Enjoy – just Mind the 2 month gap