Strictly Come Drama, Taylor Swift Has Opinions, and Kennington Curry House Catastrophe: Things of the Week


If this week was a TV Show...'d be one of the latter day ‘arcs’ of US comedy/drama, Ugly Betty.

As in, some of the supporting cast got married, but despite weeks of desperate hype and celebrity cameos, only about five people tuned in to watch it. Better luck next time, Eugenie! I mean—Hilda.

Weaponised parenthesis of the week


Full marks to Rebecca Humphries, whose Twitter takedown of Strictly Come Asshat Sean(n) Walsh will be studied in Break Up Linguistics for decades to come.

See also: Neil Jones’ visible tooth-grinding throughout most of last night’s tenser-than-usual-backstage-with-Claudia segments.

Graph of the week

Donald Trump now likes Taylor Swift’s music “25% less” as a result of her recent foray into politics - so roughly the same as the rest of us on hearing This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things for the first time last year.


Political earthquake of the week


The Kennington Tandoori—London’s premier curry house for Westminster sorts too lazy to venture more than half a mile south of the river—has taken a hatchet to its long-established menu. Even more ominous than the disappearance of my favourite palak ghosh? All the table cloths are missing in action too.

My guess: either a thrillingly vindictive Brexit-related revenge on its usual clientele, or a no-less Brexit-related cost-cutting drive.

This week I was mostly...



Lethal White, by Robert Galbraith

600 pages of adverbs, unnecessary plot tangles and undead horses. So yes: Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Part II.



Nigella’s Pumpkin Bundt

The orange and chocolate frosting on 2015’s sumptuous but underrated Simply Nigella. It’s basically my slightly less basic Fall equivalent of pumpkin spice lattes.



Serial: Season 3

A vast improvement over the zzz-fest that was whatever the last one was about.

More things of weeks

Sometimes I’ve been known to write up to one a week