Cheddar man, endless winter and BBMak: Things of the Week


If this week was the victim of a fantasy villain...'d be chained to a sled by Jadis: White Witch, lion-botherer, and sometime Queen of Narnia. 

I know you’re bored of hearing me moan about winter. You think I’m not bored of hearing me moan about winter? I'd jump at the chance to sell out my siblings for some enchanted Turkish Delight if it meant the beginning of the end of this bleak, sub-zero, non-Christmas hellscape.

And if it didn't? I'd do it anyway. I'm hungry, chillblained, and strangely angry about fauns. 

Shuffle of the week


Earlier this month I was incensed – to the point of TWEETING, sarkily – by the newly-disfigured Guardian’s dig at superb noughties boyband BBMak (think Busted, crossed with Michelle Branch. Exactly. Superb). 2001 not-quite-mega-hit Back Here has been in permanent residency on our kitchen Sonos ever since.

Perhaps mindful of its Sony cousin’s daily plight, this week my mp3 player this week threw another BBMak classic into its shuffled commute mix, to my immediate delight and bemusement – who knew the trio had more than one song in their discography, let alone my iTunes?

Wikipedia informs me that ‘Out of My Heart’ was the lead single off an ill-fated second album, failing to chart in various territories circa May 2002. What it glosses over is the ABSOLUTE TUNE of it all.

The saddest thing about arriving 16 years late to the acoustic beach party? In May 2002 I'd have been listening to ANASTACIA. 

Addition to final will and testimony of the week

Dear Lawyer,

Image 69.png

Please take all practicable steps to ensure my corpse is FULLY INCINERATED, so as to avoid the troubling fate of Cheddar Man (to wit: pulled from bog, exhibited in museum, LITERALLY DRILLED WITH ACTUAL DRILL FOR REMNANTS OF HUMAN BRAIN, digitally recreated, gawped at by nobodies for at-the-time-perfectly-normal skin tone and eye colour combo, named after basic cheese).

Also, can we add BBMak’s 'Out of My Heart' to the service playlist? Aware of and fully indifferent to the fact that this will push proceedings  over the 4 hour mark.

All very best,


Popstar most at odds with sentiment of own lyrics of the week

Don’t stop, never give up, hold your head high and reach the top, let the world see what you have got, bring it all back to you
— 'Bring it All Back', S Club 7
...but I love them!
— Paul Cattermole, formerly of S Club 7, on having no money and living off packet noodles
Image 116 2.png

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