Colour of the week


If this week was a paint colour... would be a murky, pallid, fully dispiriting yet curiously on trend grey.


As in...

...Mark Zuckerberg’s ashen complexion while question-dodging in Congress.  

Zuck. Dude. We expect a certain level of vitamin D deficiency among the screen-addled denizens of Silicon Valley, but when your team is image obsessed enough to force you onto a booster seat, would it have killed them to book you in for a spray tan?

Also as in... knees, newly exposed to the elements for the first time since last September via a daring new pair of skinny black jeans. Goodness,  how flaky you look! 

Also as in...

The sky, currently in its six-hundredth consecutive week of cahoots with my seasonal affective disorder. Goddammit clouds! How many more times do I need to cry while loading up the washing machine before you leave me be?! 

Also, finally, as in...

My first moth kill of the season. Ha! Take that, vile clothes bespoiler! May your smeared remains serve as a warning to whatever else is about to emerge from the dustier corners of our bedroom carpet.